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Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path. Psalm 119:105

Monday, July 21, 2014

Happy Homemaker Monday


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I am loving this weather.....we finally got a rainy day... they had been promising it for sometime... and today  it has been quite raining and I am loving it!

Right now I am::: 
reveling in the last hour of facetime with   our  precious daughter and granddaughter
I see toothies!!!!

Thinking and pondering::: 
Tonight is another  prayer meeting  of our   group Christians United to Pray  being held  in our own church....   God is blessing our effort with  many  folks who  are  willing to step out of their   own churches to  pray  with other Christians....  it is a marvelous think to see  God's children come together   in praise and prayer!

On my bedside table:::

the  tv control....  

On my tv tonight:::  if I  get home in time to watch tv  it would be a cooking show... nothing else much worth watching

Listening to:::
the silence.... all I can hear is the sound of my own ears ringing....   sorry to  say

On the menu for this week:::

spaghetti/ tossed salad
chef salad

not too bold in the kitchen, obviously

On my to do list:::
working on  tonight's final  touches to a  presentation

    Plans for this week:::
meet with  the scrapbook committee to work on the scrapbook for the Garden Club
Healing prayer class

What I am sewing, crocheting, knitting or creating:::

My simple pleasure:::
reading   and Tea Time magazine

Lessons learned:
the importance and  the principles of self control.....
now if I can  apply them I will  have it made

Looking around the house:::
A yummy  summer  outdoor breakfast tray for 2,
 baked  eggs with  parmesan and  basil with   slices of  sugar cured ham

From the camera


Prayer List:::
Our  home, family,    church,  and  nation

        Bible verse, Devotional::: 
One thing about summer is that everything is in full bloom. The trees are full and green. The flowers are in full bloom. Summer is just a beautiful time of year.

"And God said, Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb yielding seed, and the fruit tree yielding fruit after his kind, whose seed is in itself, upon the earth: and it was so. And the earth brought forth grass, and herb yielding seed after his kind, and the tree yielding fruit, whose seed was in itself, after his kind: and God saw that it was good." Genesis 1:11, 12

Saturday, July 19, 2014

A Summer Transformation

This  season is flying by....   plus I am  so   involved in so many  things,  when I am  sitting at the computer I  feel like Im just either vegging, pondering,    praying and  just  havent felt  a bit of creativity ,   but  this morning  there was a bit of   the  desire to   push forward and  do something different  in the house...  lately I have been  so   enamored with  posts from Nancy's Daily Dish  that regularly  appear on facebook,   that  I must say   her  gorgeous transfer ware  has inspired me to   make   these changes....And the fact that  last week following my  skin cancer  removal,, ouch!!!  I  felt I owed  myself a stop at my favorite  consignment shop where I found the most  lovely set of 4 salad plates by Bursley, which I  incorporated into my tablescape..
These  lazy days of   mid-summer  put me in the mind of  those long ago  visits to  my grandparent's dairy farm...  The  checkered tablecloths and the  tall  ever vibrant  sunflowers grandma   planted around the  edge of corn rows...these beautiful   plates depict The Old Post House  from  the  English potteries of Bursley  I enjoyed  pairing each place setting with various other   plates from my red transfer ware  collection...
 some  by Spode's  many groupings

others  with  one of a kind plates like this  lovely white filigreed bordered  Abbey in  red.

 I think the  fiery red of the  table  lends itself very well to the  golden  sunflowers   which  are grounded  by the  sturdiness and   earthiness of the  pewter  pitcher!...

To complement the table I have  removed the  springy  blues of  spring  and replaced them with  the transitioning  colors of late summer..
Completing the  farm theme,  I   am  most happy to  highlight  my  roosters and chicken.....   mainly, too,  because of  one of my  favorite  birthday presents  ....
Jim Shore's  Angel with   chicken....

ON the table  are  a myriad of lovely  birds....   a  jaunty rooster   I inherited  from my  mother's  estate when she had to break up housekeeping...  It was a gift I gave her for Mother's day  several years ago  commemorating   her  namesake...   We are of the Cox clan.... and she  collected  chickens...
The red  ceramic hen is an antique that I remember so well in mommie's kitchen  since my first memories of home...  the   beautiful handcrafted wooden rooster  was one my dad  cut from wood and mom painted  during their  crafting days.... and, of course, my  beloved  angel of the  chickens....

I love how the colors of all these items  reflect the country  theme I  have  created  which  enlivens  so many wonderful memories of my life!  
Another  small tribute to my mother is  this simple arrangement of fresh flowers on the  drop leg table grandpa made..mama always loved  the simple things of life,  yet  she could make   the simple things  seem   like treasures of great worth.
So there is  the transformed sun room...   from  springy robin's egg blue to  the  country  fowl and  hues of mid summer!

Make it Pretty 
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Saturday, July 5, 2014

God Over All

    saluting the

 White, and Blue!!!!

First of all,  I am praising the Lord for the most gorgeous day...  from sunup til sundown,   I can't remember a more  spectacular day....  cool,   low humidity,   slight breeze....  Just the kind of day to begin and end the day on the porch!
My previous post  related  about our  day's beginnings....  we  continued our   placid  day in  just being together and  reveling in  the  environs  that God provided!
  By early afternoon  Lynn and I were  getting  a bit hungry again and I was so thankful for  the lovely  sirloin I found at the market this week....to be honest at the price of beef,  we hadnt  actually bought any steak  for  some time....  IN my  attempt at being frugal  we had  enjoyed  stew beef  in  stews and soups only, and  hamburgers,  or  it's  yummy sauces...  But I  have been  very  prudent of the  pricier cuts of   beef....but this week they had prepackaged  thickly sliced  hunks  of  sirloin   just right for    shish-kabobs...
 with  the perfect amount of  marbling  to insure   savory,  juicy,   tender  bites!!
 the   spicy herbed marinade    was  the   perfect  paring with these morsels....
 A show on food network   reminded   me that   when ka-bobbing, it is best to  skewer the veggies  separately from the meat..
cubed potatoes  mixed with  a bit of OO and    dry onion mix  roasted for  about 30 minutes  rounded  out our  holiday meal! 
Just the perfect amount of char!!!
A simple arrangement  of holiday flair....   and my sweetheart by my side! 
  AW, these flavors  were so   wonderful..... 
How very thankful we are  for the opportunity to celebrate   our   national heritage....

at our  peaceful and  happy home! 
We  quickly  put things away and  hurried to  the  regularly scheduled Intercessors for America meeting that just happened to  fall on  this  prestigious  day.  We had so much  for which to  give thanks,  yet so much  for which to repent, and to intercede  for....  There was a glory about last night that  was tangible.
Prayer is so  important  in these days of uncertainty,  and  we especially,  are praying  that God's people will lay aside their differences  long enough to  t  become united  around the  One whom we all exalt!Then the long awaited revival  for America  may  erupt, and  as a nation we will see the positive changes we  all so long for!
  Father, God  gave Lynn  and I  perfect front row seats  at a secret  location  He drew us to  to   enjoy  fireworks for the first time in several years last night...

God Bless America, and GOd Bless  YOU!!

Friday, July 4, 2014

God Bless America

Home Sweet Home
hosted by 
The Charm of Home
Happy  Independence Day
What a marvelous  day to celebrate  the founding of our  nation... Even though it is just the two of us today, we  are still  quite  into   the festivities!
Lynn hung the bunting  and   I  set  up the porch for  our   morning  repast...
The weather today is   nothing short of stupendous...  the air cool, the  breeze, crisp, the humidity, low!
The sky crystal blue... not one bit of summer haze!
The playground quiet and just  perfect for morning coffee and breakfast on the porch!!!!
I am loving the new serving cart  we picked up fora song at the yard sale....
The egg dish  was   a  great way to utilize my  tasty basil...  I diced up the  half  red pepper and half onion  I had left over   from last night.. then   saute'd  them  in the  skillet.  before adding 4 eggs,  1/4 c half and half,  seasoned with s/p  then  drizzled    1/2 c  parmesan  and  several leaves of  chopped basil  on top,  then  baked for  about  15 minutes..   it puffs up and    tastes  exquisite!!!!
      This goes very well with  crisped  slices of country  sugar cured ham which I    cook in the microwave.

  Our favorite summer  breakfast drink  is  orange juice cocktail...  half  juice/ half  soda water from our  soda stream, Amanda  got us for  our anniversary.....  LOVE it so much....  tastes exactly like  my favorite  Pellegrino!

Lynn  enjoyed  his apple butter on the leftover    snowflake rolls  we had  last night, while I   love  cinnamon English muffins!


Thursday, June 26, 2014

A Lazy Morning

What a wonderful morning.. nothing on the schedule....  an opportunity to sleep in.... til 7...  and  just  luxuriate  in the  pleasure of    just  breathing and  living  in peace...as I sat on the porch,  I reflected in prayer    the  ills of our nation
of which there are so many, and I  prayed for our government leaders to  turn to God's council...It was  God who ordained  their position,   who  allowed them the privilege  to serve and  it should be by God's  direction that they lead our nation to  be strong,  just, tranquil,  defended,  safe,  and secure. 
Praise God that  we can  trust  Him for all these things  when  the government goes awry!.
It was such a marvelous morning,     Lynn and I enjoyed  our  breakfast outside... Now that the  glider which  I truly  loved for over 50 years    has   gone, I now have space for  the  charming  tea server   I got at last week's  yard sale.... I look forward to its transformation soon...   however, I can  stand it    in the interim... it's benefits are so great..
  room to place  food,, and   this morning I had my  tablet on there  as we  enjoyed our  meal.

 I  love the view to my right.... the  Crepe Myrtle   in    full bloom....
I am  anxious  the next time I am out shopping to find  a new  outdoor tablecloth  to  show off my  new cushions  from  Plow and Hearth...  The only thing I can say about this cloth is it matches the    tea cart  for now! HAHAAHHAHA!

We decided on these cushions  when we purchased  our wonderful   bench   which is much more practical that  my beloved  glider   that took  a ride to Good Will yesterday .  I know someone today  is  anxiously  awaiting  creating a most cosy  spot  with  that   wonderful  vintage  item...
I waited for Lynn as long as I could, after all, a person wants to  eat  warm food....
so I  enjoyed    my   breakfast companion  nearby...

Soon  Lynn did join me  as I  revelled with my second cup of coffee and   we listened to 
Truth for Life, with Alistair Begg . 
Suddenly the spell was broken  as  morning recess  began across the street.. Summer  school is in session! 

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Summer Arrives in Glory!

I have really enjoyed these  first days of summer.  The  regular  rain showers have  kept the  grass so green and the colors so vibrant!
 The profuse petunias  create such a cheery  greeting by the back door!

Hydrangeas explode, grass spikes the soil

Sun scorches all, water crashes on shores 

Ice destroyed, eyes beaten by bright rays 

Heat everywhere, blue suffocates the sky 

We love a violent summer

 The  day lilies  show off with their fiery  hues ! 

 Rosy  blossoms  bless  my heart scattered here and there!

 My  garden kids  make me smile broadly.. they are such   happy little gardeners....


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